Vas ist das!

Recently on Facebook, the question about Mayonnaise on a hamburger came up and after recovering from nausea, I remember the first time IBM sent me to California.  

I had been trained on a new computer that filled the communication gap before servers became ubiquitous. The machine code and processing techniques were different from the mainframes I had been trained on and I was one of the few that were trained on it at the time. The machine could run customer programs written in COBOL, etc. and had database capabilities. I was sent for a crash course in these programs so that I could teach others and to verify that the online education was sound. 

There were only five of us in the class. Four from the US and an IBMer from West Germany (this was before the wall came down). We were there over three weekends and each week, the instructors would run out of material (it turns out they were writing the course while we were taking it) and give us Friday off as well. 


I include this information so the reader will understand why we had so much time for touring.  

One of the guys (from Boston) was a photography nut and as we traveled together, he would have us stop every couple of miles for a photo shoot. The German's English was good for the most part, and his accent was understandable. About an hour or so would pass and he would finally have had it with all the picture taking and I would hear from the backseat. I vant Budviser!


Back to the story, we had been told that if we wanted the best hamburgers in the world, a particular chain restaurant could provide and they served beer. It was about 1 PM and we were all hungry. So, we went off the main highway into Sausalito and sure enough there was one of the restaurants. 

The German got his beer and we all ordered their special hamburger. When it arrived, it had been smothered in mayonnaise (yuck). As the German bit into his, all he could remark was "Vas ist das!!" Even foreigners know that a hamburger is no place for mayonnaise. 

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