Travel Logs

Some highlights of recent trips that we have taken over the last few years. These are diaries of the highlights that struck my fancy each day as we travelled. Click on the picture to see the log for that trip.  

These were put together to help Geri and I (and anyone we travelled with) with our long term memory.

For other trips, there will be photo albums that can be linked to since at the time I built them, I thought my long term memory would be good enough!

All critiques of writing style, layout, and the like will be accepted and generally ignored since I'm stubborn.

As you can see, we have been to Lake Tahoe, Mediterraean, and Alaska in recent years. As well as a mission trip to Guadalajara that John took to translate for an electrician (who was teaching basic electrical skills).

The Copper Canyon will not be exactly what you might think, but I have included it none the less.

Since some of these files are fairly large, they may take awhile to load. Be patient (one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit) and you will be rewarded or punished depending on how you like the file. 


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