Castle at Aigues Mortes01 A park in Nimes 02-28-1999 Castle at Aigues Mortes02 Castle at Aigues Mortes03
Church in Nimes John on beach at Mediteranean Sea near Marseilles Mediteranean Sea near Marseilles01 Mediteranean Sea near Marseilles02
Place Comedie - Montpelier01 Place Comedie - Montpelier02 Pont du Gard Aquaduct01 - 03-01-1999 Pont du Gard Aquaduct02 - 03-01-1999
Charles de Gaulle Square - Nimes Place Comedie - Montpelier03 Scene near Pont du Gard The River Gard near aquaduct - 03-01-1999
Carol - Cheryl at arena - Nimes Castle of Knights Templar near Pyrennes - 03-07-1999 End of Aquaduct in Montpelier - 03-06-1999 Lunch on Square - Nimes
Maisson Carre - Nimes - 02-28-1999 Pont du Gard Aquaduct - 03-01-1999 The Arena in Nimes01 The Arena in Nimes02
Castle at Carcasonne02 Castle at Carcasonne03 Castle at Carcasonne04 Pyrennes
Castle at Carcassonne05 Castle at Carcassonne06 Botanical Gardens - Montpelier SouthWestern France near Andorra
Montpelier Chateau d'eau - Montpelier City of Carcassonne Evening from Hotel
Castle at Carcassonne01 - 03-06-1999