The Hand Doctor

The Hand Doctor.

One day when Bailey and Ashtin, our grandsons, were about seven years old; they were spending the day with Geri and I. Geri had something to do and I had an optometrist appointment, so I took them with me. 

The doctor's office was very gracious and allowed them to accompany me to the rooms for the various tests. They were both fascinated with the various procedures and asked questions about what was happening and why. 

The doctor's assistant and the doctor amiably answered their questions and while I was waiting for my eyes to dilate for the final tests, I fielded many more questions. I need to mention that they were extremely well behaved and polite. I wasn't too amazed, but at their age, it would be easy to become bored {ask their Aunt Danielle}. Quite the opposite, they remained engaged with the process for the entire 30-45 minutes of the appointment. 

When the doctor returned to the room to finish the exam, he engaged them in conversation, asking "Well, what do you want to be when you grow up". Bailey jumped in first; "An eye doctor!", he replied. Ashtin had also wanted to say that but had been upstaged. He wanted to sound as interested as his brother and able to really think fast, so he replied with the first thing he could think of, "A hand doctor!"  

The doctor and I had a good chuckle and he said, "I wonder if he knows there is such a thing", to which I replied, "He would have invented one if it didn't exist!"

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