Dr. Peyton Makes a House Call

Dr. Peyton makes a house call

One Monday evening in June, 2013, Peyton Alexis Nipe stayed over at Grandma and Granpa's house. Her brothers were going to a Rangers game with their mom and dad. Knowing it would be late and boring for her (she had just turned five), we were elected as babysitters.

We had a great time with her during the early afternoon and she ate most of her spaghetti along with any snacks she could con us out of. We also spent an hour in the swimming pool. This was devious plot by grandparents to tire out a five year old - and it worked later at 8:30 when she went to bed and promptly fell asleep!

After swimming and a banana ( I think she would eat a dozen every day ), she got out some of her toys and was playing. I was in my recliner, reading a book,when she came in with her doctor equipment and announced that she had heard that I was ill. I think her grandmother tipped her off out of true concern for my health and not to get her playing with me instead of her. Anyway, she started by using the stethoscope to check my heart. Then, using a kitchen ladle, she asked me to say ahhhh and told me she had scooped it ( huh) all out. Then she used her flashlight to check my ears, eyes, and nose. I eagerly awaited her diagnosis.

Suddenly, she picked up a toy rifle and shot me!!!

I guess the diagnosis was bad and the prognosis even worse!

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