Do Hi-e, Mommy

Do Hi-e, Mommy

After Danielle was born in 1977, Geri and I decided that she (Geri) could and should become a stay at home Mom. This was made possible by God blessing me with a great job with great benefits and much potential for the future. The first year or so would be a struggle since we had purchased an new home and new car while we were seemingly unable to have children, but our budget would certainly be able to handle it.

For the next three years (until the interloper, David came on the scene - at least that's how Danielle sees it!), Geri and Danielle were constant companions and Geri saw to all her (Danielle's) needs. When Danielle first started to talk at about 12-13 months, her vocabulary was limited and her words were pronounced as she heard them. Just like all little kids! 

So, when she began to say to her mother, "Do Hi-e, Mommy?", we were perplexed at what she could be asking for. Interrogation into what she wanted were not clarifying the situation and every day and often multiple times she would ask; "Do Hi-e, Mommy?".

One day when Geri asked her if she wanted a drink with her usual "Juice Honey?", it dawned on her that that was what Danielle was trying to say. The next time Danielle asked "Do Hi-e, Mommy", Geri said "Oh, do you want juice, honey" and the answer was positive, so the mystery was solved!

We continue to remember her plaintive request even today as a humorous and cute part of bringing up our baby girl.

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