David Sees a bus - Not!

David sees the bus - Not!

Yes, this is another David and a bus story. This one occurred long after the first, but maybe David just had a thing about busses. The setting has changed to North Texas where we had settled in 1989 after another IBM promotion that moved me to be stationed in a Dallas office of the company. David was only nine when we moved and hardly remembers Raleigh, since the North Texas area has been his home for so long. 

In 1992, I bought a 1992 Ford Ranger pickup as a commuter vehicle. It had good MPG and was utilitarian as well. I drove it until I purchased a new 1997 Hyundai in 1998. David had just turned 18, so he inherited the pickup. 

I need to interject that at this point we had a 1994 Dodge Shadow, that Geri used as an Hospice nurse; a 1989 Pontiac that Danielle used to get to college and work from her apartment. If you've been counting, that's four vehicles and four drivers, two of whom are under 22. My insurance bill for the year 1993 was $9,000 due in part to two small accidents by Geri and Danielle {both under $,1000, and one very suspicious to me as having been staged - but the insurance company paid}. The next year it was $7,000, but improved drastically after that as you'll surmise from the rest of this story. 

I know this story is about David and some bus, but it is important to have background and most who know me know that I'll talk the story to death. 

First, I need to mention the dump truck. David failed to stop at an intersection and was hit by a dump truck. No damage to the dump truck, but several thousand to the pickup. So, we got it repaired and I paid the $500 deductible and it looked as good as new. During the next week, David is driving in downtown Dallas and reaches down to get a CD for the CD player, fails to realize a DART bus is coming through the intersection and he plows right into it. Minimal damage to the bus, but the pickup is totaled. 

When I called my agent, she exclaimed, "Didn't we just fix this vehicle?", this was a rhetorical question, because her next comment was: " and we're dropping David from your policy, right?"    

I received the check for the truck from the company (less $500 deductible ) and I took another $500 from it to repay myself for the first accident and gave the remainder to David and said, "Here's what you have to get yourself a vehicle". 

Of course, about 70% of the passengers on the bus made claims for various ills caused by the accident, even though the speed of both vehicles was 15-20 MPH and David hit the driver's side of the bus near the rear. Human nature, I guess, most accepted the offer by the insurance company, but three threatened to sue and settled for about double what the others got ( no one received more than $700 ). 

Several years later when David was working at being a stand up comic, he told the story of an "Oh, S...! moment" in his life. It goes like this: "Did you ever have an Oh S... Moment? Well I did, I was driving in Dallas and looked down for a CD and when I looked up there was the bus in my path and I said 'Oh S...!' And the bus driver saw me coming and he said 'Oh S...!' And the 20 people on the bus saw me coming and they said: 'We gonna get paid!'  

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