David rides the bus - Not!

David rides the bus - Not!

In the fall of 1980, we moved to Raleigh, NC as a result of a job promotion for me from IBM. At the time Danielle was three and a half and David was only seven months old. This meant a minimum of disruption in their young lives, it did mean some major adjustments for Geri and I since most of our family lived in So. Jersey. 

By the fall of 1985, we were quite adapted to the style of life in North Carolina and since NJ was only seven hours away by car, we still saw our families a lot. Geri's mom had moved from Florida to Raleigh, so there was even immediate family present.

Danielle was entering third grade and had several friends and especially Jessica Robinson whose brother Jim was one of David's playmates. The Robinsons lived in the neighborhood and the kids were always out and about playing. David was entering kindergarten that year and we were excited to have both kids in school. 

I need to interject a bit here about David. From the time he got up in the morning until he laid his head on the pillow for his nighttime prayers, his motor never stopped. I mean never as in it just went on and on. He could wear a pair of sneakers ( what we called athletic shoes in those days ) out in two weeks and have holes in his jeans within a month. Now, he is six feet tall today, but then he was very small, so it was hard to imagine where the energy came from. No matter, he had it!

Into this mix comes the need to control oneself in school, a potentially hazardous combination. 

First week of school, we receive a call from the school that David has been suspended from riding the bus for a week or two ( memory is dim on length, besides his poor mother was the one who had to drive him to school ). The driver had despaired of ever getting him to sit in his seat and stay there and had resorted to the only resolution he could think of. PUNISH the parents!

I have talked to lots of people with young children, many of who have had their child kicked off the bus, but none in the first week of Kindergarten. 

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