Danielle and the Rental Car

Danielle and the Rental Car

In 1993 or 1994, we took a family trip to Florida. Mom and Dad lived in Leesburg about 40 north of Orlando. So, visiting them served a multiple purpose; we could visit them since these visits allowed us to see them once or twice a year, and we could have a mini-vacation at the same time. 

Since we lived in Texas, driving was not really an option because that would cost us about three days of our time (with two teenagers, I might add). So, we always took air transport to Orlando and rented a car for our use while there. 

On this particular occasion, we planned on visiting Universal Studios Amusement Park among other things. But, in general, it was a visit to my folks and Danielle and David's grandparents. Unfortunately, this, to a pair of teens was not completely exciting. And Danielle (16 or 17 at the time ), was often known for a severe case of "being bored" with adult activities. David (13 or 14) was happy with the pool table, ping pong, etc in the community club house conveniently across the street from my parents' home. 

Anyway, one afternoon, Danielle, claiming a severe case of boredom began to beg me to be allowed to drive around the neighborhood 🚘. Of course, rental car companies did not look kindly on drivers under 26 operating the vehicle, especially when they hadn't been registered as a driver of the car at the counter. I, of course, initially resisted, but she was persistent. She would be careful, she would obey all laws and road signs, she would take care. Now, she was a good driver and in fact, we had trouble getting her to drive the speed limit at times ( her husband would find that hard to believe today ), so I wasn't worried too very much about her driving the car responsibly. 

So, I eventually gave in and David asked if he could go too. I assured that they were belted in and that Danielle understood the controls and off they went. 

We were sitting in the back yard, enjoying the sunshine and breeze of a spring day, when the car went by on a parallel  street driving very carefully, but having failed to completely stop at the stop sign. Since it was a quiet over 55 community, I wasn't completely concerned until I realized that Danielle wasn't driving!  David, who didn't even have a learner's permit was! 

I took off running after the car, screaming for them to stop and since they were traveling somewhat slowly and I could cut them off, I eventually ended up about 40 feet behind them, still running and hollering for them to stop. 

David saw me in the mirror and asked his sister what to do to which she replied "Go faster, lose him!" They eventually had to come home and get their just desserts, but by that time, I had lost my initial furor. I don't remember what punishment was meted out, but I assured that Danielle remained "bored" for some time after that.  

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