Ashtin's Grandpa

Ashtin's Grandpa

It is sometimes hard for little children and those of my generation to understand blended families and their dynamics. David had married his first wife after only knowing her a short time and when they found they were expecting. Their son, Bailey, was our first grandchild and was a delight to us all. Alas, as is often the case today, the marriage didn't last and due circumstances at the time, David had custody.

After a year or so, he found a new love and it turned out that she had a boy only 3 months younger than Bailey so when they started housekeeping {a nice way to say living together - for those of us a bit more old-fashioned}, it was an instant family of four.  

 course, David waited a bit before bringing his new girlfriend {at the time of this writing, a much loved daughter-in-law}, to introduce us.

In they came, David and Bailey, Jessica and this redhead Ashtin. I need to interject that, like Bailey, he was about 3 years old at the time and only knew one grandfather. I was in a recliner at the time and after Bailey kissed me hello, Ashtin jumped into my lap and asked; "Are you my Grandpa?" There is only one answer to a question like that, regardless of blood. So I replied; "You bet I am!" He's been my grandson ever since and there are times I even forget our true relationship since a relationship forged by love is always as strong or stronger than one created by blood.

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