Ashtin takes a Swim

Ashtin takes a swim

In 2008 just before Christmas, all three of my siblings came to visit. A bit of explanation is needed, in May of 2001, my parents moved from Florida to live with Geri and I. This was due to Dad's worsening condition and Mom's inability to handle him when he was ill. He was 85 and she was 80 and we probably should have moved them sooner since our family does not believe in using nursing homes if at all possible. Dad had passed away in July of 2001 and we all had been together then, but aside from visits Geri  and I made with Mom to NJ, we weren't together often. Warren and Helen tried to visit one to two times a year, but Steve wasn't in a position to afford travel that often, so this was a special time.

From the title of this story, you are probably confused by what has been written so far and I better get to the point. We were all gathered at our house in Krugerville including Danielle and Pat, David and Jessica and the boys who were five at the time. Mom was really enjoying having so much family all at once and it was noisy in a good way.

Bailey and Ashtin were playing out on the back porch, since the weather was nice and about 55 degrees. Soon, Bailey comes in and says almost nonchalantly either; "Ashtin's in the pool" or "Ashtin fell in the pool". Either way, we rush to the back door. Warren who was closest immediately got to Ashtin and tried to pull him out, but Ashtin was panicked and was difficult to hold. I began to kick off my shoes when suddenly, Danielle jumped in, grabbed him, and pushed him up to Warren. Pat pulled her out and soon we had two wet, cold {water in the pool was about 45 degrees} people wrapped in blankets while their clothes were in the drier.

The amazing thing is that, Ashtin had been afraid of the water the summer before and I had only managed to get him to briefly put his head under water. My fear was that the coming summer, I wouldn't be able to get him in the pool. Surprisingly, he learned to swim within several weeks that summer and he and Bailey are regular fishes. 

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