The Saga of the Creekside Girls

The Saga of the Creekside Girls. 

When we moved from Raleigh to the Dallas area, it was a period of great adjustment for us all. Danielle was going into 7th grade and David into 4th, with new schools and classmates for each. 

Our house was the second or third built on a cul de sac that eventually had about fifteen homes.   Because we were there, we got to see other homes being built and everyone got to know everyone else. (See the story, "It's the Robinsons" for more about the neighborhood). Our street was Creekside Court and it branched off Creekside Way also a cul de sac. 

Several houses down, the Walker family coming from Maryland moved in several months after we did and they began attending the same church ( then known as Highland Village First Baptist Church - now called The Village ). They had a son and a daughter, just like we did, but the son was older. Anyway, their daughter, Rebecca, was the same age as Danielle and they soon became fast friends.The girls could be found in one house or the other most of the time and often slept over. Once, they served a fancy birthday meal for me and Rebecca's dad ( we actually shared a birthday, though he was one year older ), when they were about 12 or so. 

In the course of time, ( too soon for my liking ) Danielle has a boyfriend. She is probably 13-14 at the time and Doug wasn't a terrible person. His parents were good Christian people, in fact I believe that his dad was a Messianic Jew. We even attended a Seder at their home and it was very authentic and moving. Anyway, she and Doug were almost as inseparable as she and Rebecca, within the restraints of not being able to go on dates without parental chaperones. 

One Friday night, Rebecca asked if she could stay over, since her parents would be out late that night at an office party or something of the sort. This was no big deal, the two girls often slept over at one another's houses regularly. 

I need to interject some more information about our church. It was about a half mile from our house and though on the other side of the road from our subdivision, it could be reached via walking trails (paved, even) throughout our neighborhood. Walking through our neighborhood on the trails and sidewalks was extremely safe and quite enjoyable. In fact, on Wednesday nights we often walked to church when there were services. 

Doug's family didn't live in our subdivision, but in another neighborhood about a half mile from the church in the opposite direction. This area was also quite safe, though not as street friendly as ours. 

Back to the story, about 2:00AM, the phone rings and Geri answers it. Since I can only hear half the conversation, I need to interpolate the conversation, but I hear Geri say, "Well, they are in bed down the hall" , "Okay, I'll check". And she gets out of bed heading for the back hall where Danielle's room is. I am fully awake by this point and Geri returns and says into the receiver, "No, you're right, they aren't there, okay, at the church? We'll be right there!"

What is going on? It seems that there are two pillow shapes in the bed made to look like people sleeping and the girls have gone out the window ( which was only a couple of feet off the ground ). They were on their way to meet Doug at the church. It seems that Doug was on his way, when a patrolman spotted him ( I need to add that though he was 13-14, he looked about 10) and thought to herself, "What is this little kid doing out at this hour"? So, she stopped him, asked where he lived and what was he doing out. He spilled everything except the name of the girl he was meeting! She took him home and asked his parents if they knew what girl he might be meeting. Their reply was "Oh, yes indeed!" So, she called her partner, also on patrol, to proceed to the church and wait for the girls there. Then she called us, with the phone call already alluded to earlier in the story. 

Remember, Geri saying "we'll be right there", well that is really code for: "My husband is on his way!" Anyway, when I get to the church, both girls are in the rear of the patrol car, looking frightened and apprehensive. It seems that when they got to the church, the officer was waiting for them and promptly placed them in the car, telling them that I was on my way. 

The officer said to me, "We'll, are you here to collect the Creekside Girls?" I asked if they were going to jail or could he release them into my recognizance. He thought about it for a bit, and replied that he thought I looked honest enough to place them in my custody and opened the squad door. After thanking the officer, I drove them home. I didn't speak to either of them on the way home. And we all went back to bed. 

The next day, we had to visit Geri's mom in the hospital, she had had cataract surgery and was in Dallas. The girls drove down there with us, we visited mom, ate lunch and drove back without any reference to the previous early morning activities. I could see that they were very nervous and concerned about when the other shoe was going to fall, but Geri and I continued to fail to bring the subject up. 

As we got home, I saw Rebecca's parent's car and asked her I needed to talk to them, or would she. She elected to tell them and promptly went home. We sat Danielle at the dining room table to discuss what she had done and the repercussions. She began to cry and tell us how sorry she was, etc, etc and I noticed that her tears had formed two circular pools on the table. I had never seen anything like it before and still find it remarkable. Anyway, Danielle finally asked what her punishment was going to be. Expecting grounding, not seeing Doug for some period of time, extra chores, etc, she was quite surprised when I answered, "I think you have punished yourself enough."

So, they girls became known far and wide as "The Creekside Girls"!

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