Meet the Robinsons

Meet the Robinsons

When we moved to Texas in 1989, we contracted to have a house built in a subdivision called Highland Shores in the City of Highland Village. ( I know, how can a village be a city? It seems every municipality in Texas calls itself a city. Visions of grandeur abound in this state!). We had signed the contract in April and I was scheduled to start my new job on June 1st, but the house was supposed to take 4 months to build, so we had to find a place to rent. The agent who had helped us find the new house, also found us a rental in Carrollton. We signed a lease for 4 months, but with a month to month on the back end ( a good thing since it took them  almost 7 months to build the house and we didn't move in until near Thanksgiving ). 

The agent for the company building the house was quite nice and showed us the lots that were also being built on and the names of our future neighbors. The house next door to us on the left was being built for the Robinson's, a family moving from Maryland and also an IBM family. They had two kids around the ages of ours and his mother was also going to live there. ( Geri's mom was moving from Raleigh with us, so this was really quite coincidental). To add to the coincidence, we had a Robinson family whose kids were our kids' friends in our old neighborhood. I would tease the kids and say, "see we still have Robinson's as neighbors". 

As the end of August rolled around, it was time to get the kids into school. This caused one of my disagreements with the LISD (Lewisville Independent School District ). Our home in Carrollton was not in their district ( though two blocks north of us was). We went to the district office to register the kids and were told we couldn't. I argued that they must not be interested in children's education if they wanted us to disrupt them with two new schools within three months. They would not budge and the lady said, she couldn't register them with out an address within the district as the reason and I pounced. We did have an address ( though the lot was only just cleared and the foundation just laid out ) and that our mail was being delivered to it. At this point, she gave in, but said that they wouldn't provide bus service ( even though the bus stop was two blocks away ). Negotiations always require a win-win result to be truly completed, even if there is no complete satisfaction, so we acquiesced.  

During this time, we habitually drove up to the new home to see about the progress ( good thing too, there were a couple of framing errors, since carpenters don't seem to be able to read blueprints and we had modified the house turning it into a five bedroom, three bath house). Getting back to the topic, we continued to visit to see progress and to see if any of our future neighbors were also doing the same.

On the second or third day of school, David announced at dinner that he thought he was sitting next to our new neighbor's daughter in class. Her name was Sherry and she told him that her family was in an apartment waiting for their new house to be built. We asked about what he thought, and he replied that she was a very nice girl and that they were friends. He was convinced she was our neighbor since her last name was Robinson and her new house was in the same neighborhood as the school just like ours. 

One night while visiting our new home, which by this time had started to have interior walls, etc., the Robinson's drove up to check out their home. There they all were, Ernest, Rhonda, Julian, Sherry and Miss Eunice, Ernest's mom. David was correct in his assessment, they were indeed a great family and just as excited to meet us as we were to meet them. 

One thing ( for which I am very proud ) David had neglected to tell us, because in his mind it was really unimportant, was that they were an African-American family! 

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