Julian and the Baseball Bat

Julian and the Baseball Bat. 

On Creekside Court in Highland Village, we lived next door to the Robinsons. (See the story, "Meet the Robinsons" for more details). 

One summer night, about nine o'clock Rhonda knocked on the front door. She was a bit agitated, it seems that her husband, Ernest was out of town and she was sure that her kids were out. She had just returned from shopping and when she opened her garage door, she noticed that the door into the kitchen was ajar. She was sure that she had closed and locked it and was afraid someone was in the house. 

I'm not sure what I thought I was doing (not normally the hero type), but I got an aluminum baseball bat and went over to the house and entered the kitchen thinking Rhonda was behind me. She had retreated!!

Anyway, I went through the downstairs and saw that nothing was out of order. Thinking that I heard voices, I began to call out for Julian or Sherry, thinking they may have come home, which was the most likely reason for the open door. I received no answer. The voices seemed to be coming from upstairs, so I cautiously ascended still calling out the kids' names. I went through all the rooms with open doors and still found nothing untoward. 

The voices seemed to be coming from the only closed door and it was definitely a TV playing. It was Julian's room, so I called his name, still no response. I rapped on the door and still no response. 

So, I opened the door, and Julian was laying on the bed with an MP3 player playing through earpieces and the TV blaring. He couldn't hear a thing, but I saw that his eyes got as big as saucers and he began to shake seeing me framed in the doorway with a bat. {by the way, it is important to note that the Robinsons were an African-American family}. 

It dawned on me that all he could see was a shadowy figure of a white man with a baseball bat standing in his doorway! So, I hurried to show him who I was and that no one was coming to harass him. 

Later, after going out and telling his mom the story, we all laughed about the circumstance, though for them, I'm not sure it was not a bittersweet reminder of the realities of racial tension. 

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