Grand Suite on Carnival

Grand Suite on Carnival

In 1991, for our 25th anniversary, I surprised Geri with a three day cruise to the Caribbean. We had never been on a cruise and thought this would be an exotic voyage. The cruise lines at that time were not as fancy and advanced as they are today, but even so, we had seen movies, etc. and just knew it would be extra special.

Cruises also weren't as ubiquitous as they are today, so their prices were pretty high and a three day cruise was about all I could afford. Even so, we would be leaving from Port Canaveral, traveling to The Bahamas and returning with time at sea. This was in the days before US Citizens needed to carry passports to all places so even though Geri didn't have one, it wouldn't be necessary. 

We flew from DFW to Orlando without incident and were ferried to the dock where our Carnival ship awaited. At check-in we were asked to produce a form of identification such as a driver's license. Geri didn't have any form of ID on her, she had left her purse at home, believing that she didn't need it since everything we needed would be on board and I was carrying the money for our incidentals. By the way, you may be asking how she got on the airplane and well you might, but in those days, a ticket was all you needed to board an airplane. There weren't any security checkpoints either.

There was no way we could return to get the license or even get it sent to us in time, so we successfully talked our way on board being warned that if we left the ship in The Bahamas, we might not be able to get back on.

Every thing is now set for a great trip. With great anticipation, we went to find our cabin, whose details came from our knowledge based on the movies we had seen. We had selected an inside cabin on the lowest passenger deck due to the price, but even so we felt it would be at least as nice as an inexpensive motel room. 

Our surprise and awe were soon dispelled as we opened the door.  Let me see if I can describe it! As you entered, on the left side were bunk beds, yes an upper and lower berth, I lost the coin flip (which of course was imaginary) and got the upper. There was a built in dresser at the door end which could only be accessed when the door was closed.  I don't remember, but I think there was a shelf around the upper berth for storage and perhaps a rod for hanging clothes at the far end of the room. The  length of the room was about 9 feet. On the right side was the bathroom which was only half the length of the room or about four feet ( it was side by side to the bathroom of the adjoining room ). The toilet was on one side and the sink on the other and the entire room was the shower. You could actually take a shower, brush your teeth and sit on the toilet at the same time! There was no phone or TV either in the cabin, I guess it was what might be described as a "basic accommodation". 

The trip itself was enjoyable, but it goes without saying that we did not spend much time in our "cabin"!

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