The no-punch Knockout

The no-punch Knockout

The first semester of my junior year at Rutgers, I lived in my fraternity (AXP- Alpha Chi Rho) house at 11 Union St. Things were looking up, Geri and I were beginning to get back together, my summer jobs and small government loans were covering school costs and my grades were improving.  

Early in the semester, at one of our parties, I met an ex-girlfriend of one of my brothers. She was nice to talk and dance with, but she didn't concentrate on any one of us in particular and her old boyfriend had warned she was an ice queen. I believe that was more sour grapes than anything else, however, I never had any romantic attachments to her, so he may have been right. 

Anyway, one night, I had danced once with her and was later sitting talking to another brother when she came up and asked me to dance. It seems a guy she couldn't get rid of was hitting on her and she wanted a way to dissuade him. Sure enough during the dance ( it may have been a second one ), he tried to cut in. I refused to let him, but he was persistent, so I informed him his attentions were not welcome and he wasn't either (he was not a member of our house or even a friend of a member). 

At this point, he invited me outside to fight. At the time, I weighed about 115 pounds soaking wet and this guy was about 150 or so, but we went out on the back porch. Let me describe the porch, it ran about 15 feet from a side door toward the back of the house and was elevated about 6 feet above the driveway alongside the house. At the end a set of about 10-12 steps descended to our back parking lot.


He was standing with his back to the steps as I exited the door and began to walk toward him. All the time I approached, he was yelling at me, calling me names and threatening me with bodily harm. I need to interject that I never fight since it doesn't fulfill any purpose, but I am not afraid either. My motto is that I may get hurt, but will give as much as I get. I have stood up to bullies only 2-3 times in my life and they have always backed down when they realized I would fight and fight dirty if they gave me no choice. 

Back to the story, as I continued to move toward him, he continued to back away. I kept telling him that I didn't want to fight, but would not back down and he kept shouting at me and backing up. Suddenly, he disappeared down the flight of steps and knocked himself out. My brothers and I verified he was not seriously hurt and left him there. 

That should have been the end of it, but as it turned out it wasn't. The girl was grateful and we remained friends whenever she came to the house, though we were never romantically connected. About an hour after my no-punch knockout, there was a disturbance on the front walkway and my name was being called. There out on the street was this guy with a bunch of brothers from Delta Upsilon, which was a jock house down the street. I once again approached him followed by a large group of my brothers when I spied one of the DU guys who had been in "The Heights" (see My First Day at Rutgers for more details) in my dorm and had been kidnapped by the football team with me. 

"Ralph", I called, "what do you guys want with me?"  Ralph was amazed that I was the big bully who had disposed of this acquaintance of one of his brothers. I then explained that the guy had tried to force his attentions on a girl who wasn't interested, etc. At this point we left my opponent on the curb and we all went into our house where we treated the DU guys to a beer. 

I never saw the guy again but my frat brothers kidded me about how I must have had strong BO to defeat the guy without touching him! 

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