So Who are you and What are you doing here?

In the story, “Sleeping on the Job - Part Two", I told a little about my first bout with a kidney stone including the two trips to the hospital in the middle of the night.

During these visits, they used an IVP ( IntraVenous Push) of a dye to see if the stone would show the blockage on an X-ray. The  consensus was that I had a stone about 3-4 millimeters from my bladder. They had referred me to a urologist and he had also ordered an IVP and x-rays to verify that it was still with me and it was. He gave me some demerol to take if I had severe pain and his emergency numbers, etc.

Several weeks later, I was at work, early in the morning, at my temporary assignment (you need to read the other story {Sleeping on the Job - Part Two} first) when I could feel the pain coming on. I immediately went to the doctor's office and he told me that he was checking me into the hospital on Wake Forest Avenue. I could not reach Geri on the phone and told him I would drive home and get some things together, hoping she would be home by then. She was not there since the pain was becoming more intense I took two demerol and drove to the hospital. I left her a note and actually passed her on the way there, but she didn't see me.

I went to the emergency room as the doctor had instructed and his orders were for a shot of morphine, an X-ray and put me in a room until he could decide how to proceed. I was still in pain since the demerol hadn't really taken hold, but now had a cocktail of pain drugs coursing through my system.

As I got to the floor, the head nurse assigned me to a room, but since it was nearly four o'clock, she told me that the next shift would take care of getting me settled, starting and IV and getting my dinner. So I was left on the top of the bed sheets, fully dressed and fully loopy. I remember having an out of body experience where it seemed that I was looking down on this poor guy on the bed in pain and feeling sorry for him. At other times, I felt the pain, but didn't really care, I still felt good. As a footnote, I can see how people get hooked on drugs, they do make you feel good. Of course, they wear off and often you feel worse.

I know Geri visited and asked why I was still dressed, but I told her that they would be in shortly to actually admit me to the floor.

About midnight, I awoke, feeling pretty good. The pain was gone, the drugs had mostly worn off and I was rested. Of course, I was still on top of the bed covers and fully dressed (even shoes, which no one had removed). But, I was hungry and thirsty! After a bathroom break, I wandered out to the nurse's station and asked if I could have something to eat. The nurse looked up in consternation and exclaimed; "Who are you and what are you doing here?" I told her I was the patient in room xxx and she said "No, you're not, we don't have a patient in that room!". I explained that I had been put there by the charge nurse on first shift and told that second shift would take care of me. 

She looked through the shift notes and suddenly all hell broke loose, it seems, it was now third shift and I had been forgotten and ignored for over eight hours. There were doctor's orders, etc that had not been done, not to mention liability issues if I had hurt myself or gone into a worsening condition, so all the shift nurses got me into bed with an IV, a drink and a small order from the cafeteria.

I received excellent  service for the remainder of my stay of three days (I think law suit may have been on their minds, though it wasn't on mine). On the second day's afternoon, after having filled me with liquids for two days, the stone still had not moved, a specialist informed me that he would be doing a basket extraction in the morning. He must have seen the look on my face, because he quickly stated, "Don't worry we'll knock you out first"!

The operation was successful and I was sent home the next morning with a bottle full of Tylenol with Codeine and no kidney stone. 

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