The Great Key Mystery

The Great Key Mystery

Geri always seemed to get involved in the strangest stories. I love her dearly, but sometimes she does the inexplicable and that can be frustrating. The Great Key Mystery is one of the world's most unexplained and unsolved mysteries of the last four decades. 

Well, maybe I exaggerate a bit, but I'll let you decide after you've read it. 

When we were first married, we lived in a small house on Smithfield St. in Quinton, NJ. We lived there for 39 months, it originally had been a two room house with no bathroom, but the owner Hildreth (Hiney) Hogate [please do not call to ask about his nickname, I don't know the answer], had contracted Jack Davis to add a two room addition on the back. One room of the addition was a bathroom and the other was a large bedroom. So, we had a good sized kitchen, a tiny living room, a bedroom and a bath. There was also a decent sized storage building in the back and of course, the outhouse still stood. 

Wait, you thought this was a mystery, well, I can't tell a story without background information, can I?

Okay, in those early days, I taught in the Quinton Township School which was conveniently located at the end of Smithfield St, so I walked to work. Geri worked at Salem Memorial Hospital which was 6-7 miles away. Also, she worked the 3-11 shift, so I was usually getting into bed when she got home and she was usually sleeping when I left for work. {We still found time to be newly weds in case you were worried}. 

One night, after living there a few months, Geri came home from work about 11:30 as normal, and I was already in bed and the doors were locked, so Geri had to unlock the front door. Anyway, here are the facts, she used her keys to drive home and then again to unlock the front door, so up to that point, the whereabouts of the keys are known. But, the next day, when she went to use the car, she could not locate the keys. 

Of course, I told her that they must be somewhere at hand, so we began a systematic search. Had she left them in the keyhole of the door? Well, they weren't there. Perhaps, she dropped them at the front porch - a thorough search of the area around the front revealed no keys. Perhaps, she had come in the side door, after all, it was closer to where we parked - another search revealed the same number of keys. Maybe, I hadn't locked the doors and she had left them in the car and opened the door without them. Again, looking in the ignition, under the seats, in the yard around the car yielded exactly no keys. Then, she must have placed them somewhere in the house.  Remember all the details about the size of the house, you see now why background info is important to a story.  A thorough search of the house revealed the same number of keys as all the other searches. 

We lived there for over three more years and the keys never surfaced, no one ever broke in or took our cars, so the idea that they had been stolen from the door didn't hold much water. When we moved ( and every subsequent move ), I just knew we would find them, but we never have and now that 45 years have passed, I supposed that this Cold Case will never be solved, even with the advent of DNA. 🔐🔑


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