Strange Kid


Why do you call that strange looking kid Mr Knight?

From 1973 through about 1975, while I lived in Quinton; I was a part of a ragtag bunch of guys who had formed a street hockey team. We all loved ice hockey, but frozen ponds were not consistent enough to play ice hockey so the next best thing was playing on asphalt. I think we all would have killed for inline skates (I know I would have), but they hadn't been developed yet, so we played in tennis shoes. No helmets, some kneepads or elbow pads, but basically jeans and sweatshirts and a hockey stick were it. Of course, our goalie had full equipment, though if I remember correctly, his goalie glove was a first baseman's mitt. I said at the top it was ragtag. 

Most of the players were ex-students of mine from Quinton school or some of their friends from high school. At the time I started to play, I was 29 years old and the majority of the team were 16-20. I was reminded of this on my 72nd birthday, when Chuck Coblentz, now a Methodist Minister, but then an ex-student still in high school, wished me a happy birthday as "the Gordie Howe of the Quinton State Stingers hockey team"

Since I was the old man of the team, I generally played right wing on the second line along with a 20 year old who was second oldest on center. I remember that we usually came in after the first line scored its first goal, but that may be faulty memory, I'm sure we got nearly as much playing time or at least 70% as much. 

Wait, by now, you are wondering about the title. All things in good time, one of the fruits of the spirit is patience, though it may be the hardest to master. 

We once played a game on a tennis court in Woodstown against a team that were all about 14-15; and were pretty confident about our chances. The game started with our A line in and after 10 minutes or so the score was still 0-0. Since they were getting tired, our line replaced them and within 2 minutes we had scored 3 goals, one for each of the forwards and we all three had assists. Strangely, it seems, we must have been tired, because the A line quickly replaced us. Probably, they really thought we needed a breather. Anyway, the rest of the game was pretty normal and as expected, we annihilated them. 

It was a pretty cold day, and I was wearing a pull down wool cap. I had a full mustache and very long hair as well so that it came out the bottom of the cap. After the game, I overheard one of the Woodtown boys say to Chuck, "Why do you call the strange looking kid in the wool hat Mr Knight?".  

I'm not sure if I'm flattered at being considered a kid or disappointed at being thought strange. I did think it funny at the time!

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