Oh Yeah, Bob’s Truck was Stolen

"Oh Yeah, Bob's Truck was Stolen", Geri said.

We got to be very friendly with Bob and Kathy Counsellor when they lived in the downstairs apartment in the old house across the street from us. None of us had any money to speak of, so we went to dances, had card parties and the like together. Bob's older brother, Kathy's brothers and my siblings all got along fairly well so this was a fun time.

I worked down the street at the Quinton School and Bob worked down the street in the other direction at Smick's Lumber. He usually drove and I usually walked to work, but we usually left about the same time each morning.

Bob had an Chevrolet Nova convertible and he almost always left it parked on the street. He had access to a detached garage, but rarely used it for the car. His brother, Eddie, who lived upstairs used one side of the garage and sometimes Bob parked in the garage's driveway and once in a blue moon in the garage itself.


It had been months since the car had been in the garage, when I stepped out one morning to see Bob with a puzzled look on his face. I said, "Hey" and he responded; "Do you see anything different this morning?". To which I replied, "Yeah, you parked your car in the garage last night!". Then he dropped the bombshell; "I didn't park in the garage, I left it right where I'm standing, but it's not here now". So I told him that I would get the keys to my car and we would see if it was abandoned in the immediate area, thinking that it was probably a joy ride. He went in his house to call the police.

As I went into the bedroom to retrieve my keys, Geri sat up in bed and asked what was going on. I told her that Bob and I would be driving around to see if we could find his car. She then said; "Oh yeah, I saw those guys taking it when I got up for some water about 2 AM, I guess they were stealing it!" 

When I got Bob in the car, I told him what Geri said, he was dumbfounded, but we all knew that when Geri was half-asleep, she wasn't always aware of her surroundings or actions.

They found Bob's car a few days later, it had been used by a car parts theft ring to transport a transmission that had been stolen nearby. The car was not really worse for wear other than a slit in the convertible roof where they got in and a bunch of grease in the back where they put the transmission. Bob and Kathy promptly traded it in though.

After that, Bob would often tease Geri about watching her accomplices steal his car!

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