M****** Saves the Day

M***** saves the Day. 

In 1970 or 71, when we lived in town in Quinton, NJ, a curious event happened that involved a neighbor who lived on Main St. This street through town was also Route 49, which was a southern passageway to the beaches of NJ or as we called them "the Shore". Many people from southeastern Pennsylvania, Delaware and Northern Maryland used this route to reach such shore destinations as Wildwood, Sea Isle City, Ocean City or Cape May. 

On Sunday evenings, when people were returning home from the shore, they would approach our town from the east coming down a long straight piece of road from the top of Burdens Hill. Though the speed limit was 50 MPH, 60-65 MPH was more common for many especially at night trying to get home. The problem was that there was a fairly sharp curve to the right at the bottom of the hill which was also the entrance into the town. It could be negotiated at 35-40 MPH with no problem, but was difficult at speeds over 45 MPH. So as you have probably guessed, there were a fair amount of accidents at this curve. In fact, as an aside, the house on the left hand side entering town was hit 4 times in the 10 years we lived there. The last time was an 18-wheeler which knocked it off its foundation and it was torn down and the owner put his house further back on the lot. 

Geri and I lived one block south of Main Street on Smithfield Street about 250 yards from the curve, so we often heard cars screeching brakes. I need to interrupt myself and mention that I was a member of the fire company and ambulance squad and therefore would respond to any accidents.  

One summer night, we heard the screeching of brakes followed by the noise of a car crashing. I was dressed and out the door before the siren started and I headed for the scene ( the fire station was on the North side of Main Street and within 200 feet of the accident site ), knowing that the others would bring the vehicles. 

I found several others also there and we discovered a Ford Thunderbird upside down five  houses down from the corner. It had flipped end for end at least twice and we feared the worst. Much to our surprise, we could not find the driver or any passengers. There was no one on the sidewalk or road from the corner to the car. 

As we walked the sidewalk trying to find the driver, we heard a moan from in front of the third house down. Upon investigation, we found the driver sprawled on top of M***** at the foot of the steps to her front porch. Both of them were unconscious but alive. In fact, in a few moments when they came to, neither of them had any serious injuries. It seems that M..... had been sitting on the porch and had jumped up when she heard the screeching of tires. Hoping to see what was happening, She had gotten to the bottom step when Wham! the driver came flying through the air and knocked them both out. 

M***** was a large woman and this cushioning probably saved him from certain injury or worse. Since she had a reputation in town of seeking men's comfort, the joke was that she would go to any lengths to get one. 

* name is blanked out to protect privacy. 

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