John and the Blonde

John and the Blonde

I had been teaching in the Quinton Township school district for several years, when it was decided that a remedial reading teacher was needed for the lower grades. This would help improve the overall education and I believe allow the use of grant money we qualified for. The district was classified as having an average income level below the poverty line. 

My sister, Helen, and her then husband had moved from the Lakewood, NJ area due to a job opportunity for him. Helen wanted to find a job closer to home and was a reading special Ed teacher. I encouraged her to apply, though the Quinton school was probably thirty miles from her new home, it was still an easy drive since South Jersey was and still is sparsely populated, especially Salem County. 

Helen got the job, probably on her merit { but having a wonderful brother, well-loved by the school board didn't hurt }, and we worked together for about 3-4 years. 

Helen's husband was fairly successful and liked to demonstrate his success with things, and so he owned a Chevy Corvette. He even allowed Helen to drive it and she did drive it off and on to work at the school. I, on the other hand, usually walked the half mile from our house on Jericho Road or rode a bicycle. 

Before moving to Jericho Road, we had lived in the actual main town and there was no mail delivery and Geri and I had a P O Box with a Quinton address. On Jericho Road, there was rural delivery and the address was RFD #2, Salem, since the Salem City post office took care of all outlying areas. We had lived for nearly four years in town and decided not to change our address, but to continue to use the PO Box. This meant that each day after work, I would go to the post office and pick up the mail. The post office was farther away from my house than the school, so my walk home was about three quarters of a mile. 

One day during the first week of her first year at the school, Helen drove the Corvette and since this had been a nice day I  had walked. So, after school, Helen offered to drive me to the post office and then home so she could visit with Geri and I and I accepted. Now, this is a small town, where everyone knows or is related to everyone else. Neither Helen nor I thought anything about the fact that Mr. Nipe was riding in a Corvette with a pretty blonde, who as everyone also knew, was not his wife. 

Many in town, however, did think something of it and we didn't even get home before Geri had been so informed. It was several weeks before the rumors were finally squashed and Helen went on to be well-respected and liked at the school. 

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