How Geri and I Became Methodists

How Geri and John become Methodists.

When we moved to Quinton in late 1966, we were still driving to Pedricktown (about 15-20 miles) to attend our first church, the First Baptist Church of Pedricktown. Since Geri worked 3-11 and worked 5 out of 7 Saturdays, she often was too tired to get up, so John went alone many times. John had committed to sing in the Christmas musical in 1966, but once that was completed, he felt it was time to look for a new church.

Quinton Meth

In Quinton, there were two churches in the main town basically across the street from one another, a Conservative Baptist and an United Methodist. We tried the Baptist church first, since we had always attended one. However it was different from the American Baptist Church we grew up in, being much more literal minded and holding to the King James Version as the only Bible to use. After attending there for awhile (Geri did not attend as much as I did, feeling a bit uncomfortable), one Sunday the pastor informed me that God had revealed to him that I was to be a youth Sunday School teacher. I told him that that was funny, since God had not revealed it to me. His reply was "That's okay, I am your spiritual leader and you need to look to me for guidance". Wow! I finally told him I would pray about it and see what God told me. 

About the same time, one of the cooks in our school (who attend the Baptist Church) told me that she was in charge of VBS for the coming summer and would like me to consider helping. I asked her how the previous summer had gone and she replied; "Okay, except for the little N-----s that had attended." I was flabbergasted.

Geri and I have always agreed that race, color, creed, etc. are not important in God's eyes and shouldn't be in ours. So, when I told Geri what had transpired, we agreed to try the Methodist Church. We were members of the United Methodist Church for the next 14 years. 

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