Hazel & The Rapture

Hazel and the Rapture

When we lived in Quinton, we attended the Methodist Church. The members were a great group of Christian people and probably fit the small town generalization we have of such groups.

Hazel was one of my colleagues at the school and a member of the church. She was a fine christian lady whose faith was unwavering. She sang in the choir and often did solos for us.

In those days, daylight saving time, was started the first Sunday in April and  ended the first Sunday of October making it exactly 6 months wrong. Today of course it is closer to 8 months in length and I have often wondered if we shouldn't just shift the time zones. But that is just an aside, I need to get back to the story. But, DST has something to do with it as you will see.

On the first Sunday in October in 1973 (as close to the actual year as I can remember), we all set our clocks back one hour to enjoy our extra hour of sleep. 

Well, almost all of us did. It seems that Hazel had let the time change sneak up on her without realizing it and had gotten up at her regular time. Since she was the type to get to church early, she was driving down the street towards the church at about 8:30 AM (of course she thought it was 9:30!). 


I need to interject here that Quinton is a very small community (then and now) and a bit sleepy and quiet at the busiest of times. On Sunday mornings, folks generally slept until time to get ready for church so the streets would be pretty empty of pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

So, as she drove down the street towards church, she encountered no people of cars. The church parking lot was empty and she returned home after seeing no one at all.

Her husband was in bed, but she had despaired for his soul forever, so frightened that she may have missed an important event. With that in mind, she called the pastor, Chuck Williams, and when he answered she asked him; "Chuck, has the Rapture happened?"

After she explained that she has seen no one except her husband, Chuck calmed her down by explaining that she had missed changing her clocks to go back to standard time. 

This calmed her down and then she was embarrassed by Chuck's next remark; "Hazel, if you thought it was the Rapture, why did you call me?" 

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