Geri Nearly hits a Pheasant

Geri Nearly Hits a Pheasant

My brother, Steve had an infectious laugh and often when he got started he could not quit. The story I'm about to relate details one of those occasions when he almost laughed himself sick.

When we lived in Quinton, we became acquainted with the Fishers and the Counsellors. At first Bill Fisher and his wife Diane lived across the street in a downstairs apartment and his sister Kathy and her husband Bob ("Pete") Counsellor lived upstairs. Later they moved downstairs when Bill and DIane bought a house and the upstairs housed first another of Kathy's brothers and then Bob's brother Ed and his wife Becky lived there. Bob also had older brother, Paul and we became very friendly with him and his wife Mary Ann since they joined us often for dances and parties.  

So it was that one night we had gathered at Bob and Kathy's, with Paul and MaryAnn, and my brother and his first with Barbara, Bill and Diane; Ed and Becky and maybe even Kathy's other brother and wife. We were playing cards, drinking beer, listening to what is called "Classic Rock" today and telling stories much like many groups did and still do.

During the party, and I surely don't remember when or how the conversation drifted to the subject, one of the guys was talking about going to a ballgame and how he had been able to shoot a  beaver there in the stands.

Geri, who obviously had no idea what the expression meant, blurted out, "Well, I saw a Pheasant today and almost hit it as it crossed the road in front of me". Steve began to laugh as did most of the rest of us. Geri, now confused, stated; "Well, I did". At this point, Steve completely lost control and laughed and laughed. Like I said his laugh was catching and soon all of us except Geri were red in the face with tears coming down.

Later when we got home, I explained to Geri what the expression meant and she replied, "Well, ok, but I still don't see what is so funny about me seeing a pheasant".

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