Geri and the New Glasses


Geri and the New Glasses

Even before we were married, Geri’s family liked to regale me with stories from her childhood. At times, I thought these were attempts to warn me of what would come and of course being deeply in love with her, I gave them little notice.

But, her mother’s engagement ring tied to the cat’s tail and the helping her dad ensure his gas tank was full using the garden hose were stories that seemed to come up often at family get togethers. And, I must confess that they were told with such conviction, I had to wonder about that they must have a kernel of truth. Another theme seemed to be reckless or careless behavior with belongings, but again, not having directly observed these and again blinded by love, I really didn’t consider them important. Besides, she was now an adult woman and as the Bible says she surely had put aside childish things.

We hadn’t been married long, when Geri needed to get new glasses. SInce I was working as a school teacher (and you know how much money they make) and Geri as a Practical Nurse (even less); this would be a major purchase, but of course a completely necessary one.

The day arrived when the glasses were ready and she picked them up from the optometrist and brought them home. They were lighter in weight than previous pairs due to being mainly of metal construction - nosepiece, frames and earpieces - instead of the heavy plastic of the previous pair.They really did look good on her.

Unfortunately, they didn’t quite fit correctly and should have been fitted at the doctor’s office. I suggested that she take them back and have them adjusted. The doctor’s office was about 20-25 miles away and not that convenient, so Geri got it into her mind that for such a slight modification, she could probably do it herself. The problem was that the earpieces weren’t as flat to the side of her head as she would like, so one-handedly she placed her middle finger and thumb on the spots where the frames met the earpieces and applied pressure to bend them slightly inward.

Suddenly and to my horror, the two eyepieces (read the glass parts) were completely next to each other. In other words she had folded them together using the bridge piece as a hinge (though it was not meant to be one for sure). {The picture at the left is only halfway there - hers were completely glass to glass folded}.

Hmmmm, I thought, shocked at the sight, maybe the stories from her family were not quite as far-fetched as I had supposed.

Anyway, I used needle-node pliers to straighten to the best of my ability and she wore them for the next year or so until we could afford to replace them.

By the way, I still love her and today we laugh about it every time we think about it or whenever she gets new glasses. And I have several pair of needle nose pliers always on hand.

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