Bryan Bumps off the Bad Guy

Bryan Bumps off the Bad Guy

I received a phone call on August 21st, 2014 from Bryan Counsellor to inform me that his mother, Kathryn Warfle (nee Fisher) had died a couple of days before. She had been a good friend to Geri and I during the years we spent in Quinton, NJ and we had maintained contact for many years after. But, we had not seen her for about 8 years or so before her death and had not been in regular contact for some time. Her last dozen years had been painful due to back surgery, etc so she didn't make many calls and often didn't answer the door or phone. It was sad news since in our minds eyes we still  see her dancing at the Boots and Saddles dances or playing cards around a large table. All of us young and often silly. 


Talking to Bryan brought a story involving him soon after they moved across the street from us. It was Bob and Kathy Counsellor then and they had two small boys. Her brother, Bill had lived in the downstairs apartment across the street and the Counsellors had lived upstairs. When Bill moved out, they moved downstairs since it was a bigger and nicer apartment. This is when we got to know them.

One day, Bryan, who was about 2 at the time, was playing imaginary cowboys and indians or cops and robbers with a toy gun in the yard. I came out our front door to do something in the yard and Bryan took aim at me and shot, shouting, "I got you!" Well, I theatrically died in the front yard to go along with his game. Remember, he was only 2 and he, thinking that he had really done me in, burst into tears, threw down the gun and ran into the house.

I got up and went across the street, just as Kathy came out to show him that I was okay. He was now all smiles, but he and I laughed about it when he got older.

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