Bob Gets White-Knuckled

Bob Gets White Knuckled

In 1969, I bought my first sports car, it was a 1965 Triumph spitfire. This was the Mark II model which had an 1147 cc engine. Mine had a four speed transmission with overdrive and was also a convertible model. It had a reported top end of 96 mph, but probably 75 or so was more like it. I don't think I ever drove it over 70 since speed isn't the reason to have a sports car, but handling is. 

It did handle very well and this is the root of this story, since I wasn't afraid to test its handling when I could!  I did drive it almost all the time when Geri and I weren't going somewhere together (we had a 1967 Oldsmobile Cutlass for that) and knew just how well the Spitfire handled.

Mine was dark blue, but this is the model I had. 

One day, I had Bob "Pete" Counsellor riding with me and we were traveling from Quinton, NJ to Hancock's Bridge NJ for some reason or other. It was a nice day and we had the top down which always made the speed seem greater not to mention the effect of being so close to the road. 

On the route we were traveling there was a very sharp right hand turn. It was probably a 75° turn but the road was well-banked on the left side. We were traveling about 55 mph and I didn't even think about slowing down as we came into the turn. I did let off the gas as we entered the turn, throw the car back into 3rd gear and reapply the gas. As I completed the turn and put the car back into 4th gear, I noticed that Bob was gripping the dash and his knuckles were bone white. 

He said to me through clenched teeth, "If you ever #%€#}{ do that to me again, I'll #%€#^€€ kill you". He was dead serious, but all I could do was chuckle. 

I don't think he ever rode in that car with me again!

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