Tony is Confused

Tony is confused!


One day in the fall of 2013, as I was returning home from tutoring in the middle school, the Bluetooth connection in my car showed a call from a south Jersey exchange. The name wasn't in my phone's directory since no name came up, but since it was from the area in which I grew up, I answered the call.

"Hello?" I said; the male voice on the other end said "Hello?". Both of us assumed that the the other had called so we repeated that a couple of more times. Finally, he said, "Who is this?" By this time, I had recognized the voice, so I responded, "Tony, this is John Nipe". His reply was, "Well I know a John Nipe from Pedricktown, NJ". And I responded, "Yes, you do and I am he!"


After a bit more of this, we determined that neither of us had called the other, but somehow we had become connected. I have known Tony Pagnotto and his family since I was born, since both of our families had been in the area several generations. In fact, in the fall of 2012, we had been to our 50th high school class reunion and had sat at the same table.

We had a nice pleasant chat for about 10 minutes and even discussed the recent passing of one of our classmates. We agreed that God must have wanted us to make contact since neither of us had the other in our phone's contact list.

When I got home and checked my phone, I saw that Geri had tried to text me at exactly the same time that I had gotten the call. I guess that the phone (or the car's Bluetooth) didn't know what to do and picked a number. Tony wasn't in my directory, but during the reunion a year earlier, he may have called me about going to a 50's music night in Penns Grove, so the number may have been in memory.

In late Winter of 2013, about 3 months after the call, I received news that Tony had passed away. No matter how the connection was made, I am glad it did and I had one last chance to talk to him.

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