Jesus takes my Luggage

Jesus takes my luggage

While I was attending Aubrey First Baptist, our pastor sent me an email with an opportunity to join the Denton Baptist Association in support of the River Ministries. This organization was a part of the Hispanic Southern Baptists attempting to grow churches in the metropolitan areas of Mexico. 

In February, 2009, I went with them to Guadalajara for a three day conference, most of which was visiting the churches in the larger Guadalajara area. Many of the presentations were to elicit funds and not partnerships, but a couple showed real promise since their pastors wanted to spread the word of Christ and would trust God to provide. On the last day, our translator was not able to join us and I stood in for him. Our driver, a pastor of one of the churches, spoke little English and of course, the people we met in the missions and churches generally spoke none, so I was quite busy. 

I need to introduce David Bird at this point. He was senior pastor at the Trinity Baptist Church ( it has now merged into The Ridge Church and he is missions minister ) in Carrollton. He already had a small sister mission in Guadalajara that his church was helping support, La Pan de Vida ( Bread of Life ). Eleazar and Teri were running this as a feeding place for children each school day and then holding Sunday worship on weekends. David and I had talked quite a bit about our viewpoint on missions and found ourselves to be in agreement. 

A few months later, I received an email from David asking if I would be willing to go with them to help with a VBS during July. I agreed and went again in 2010. After the merger into the Ridge Church, David had plenty of help and wanted to use his own church members first, so I bowed out. In the fall of 2011, David asked if I would be willing to go and translate for a class to teach basic electrical repair. So, in March 2012, we flew to Guadalajara again. David, Donny ( the electrician ) and I. 

I need to add a short interjection here. My luck with luggage and international flights has been, by and large, very poor. In 1999, on a trip to Southern France, American Airlines did not get my bag transferred to my Air France flight out of Paris and on the return flight , my bag never transferred to the American Airlines flight. In 2010, my bag did not arrive in Guadalajara with my American Airlines flight and took three days to catch up with me. In 2012, my bag failed to make the transfer from my American Airlines flight in London to my British Airways flight to Barcelona. 

Returning to the story, after clearing Immigration in Guadalajara, I headed to baggage claim for my bag, which was a large duffle bag. I had been last from the flight to clear immigration and as I entered the claim area, I could see what appeared to be my bag on the carrousel and hurried to retrieve it. It was the only bag left and I was the only passenger left, so this was a good sign. As I picked it up, I noticed that, though it was very similar to my bag, it was not mine. Oh no, someone has taken my bag instead of their own. Who could it be?

I inspected the name tag and lo and behold, it read: Jesus Hernandez. 

There you have it, Jesus really did take my luggage!



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