Bobby's Moonlight Walk

Bobby's Moonlight Walk

In the late summer of 1958 as I was about to enter high school, the West Jersey American Baptist Association had a youth retreat in Maryland at Camp Sandy Cove. There were teens ranging in age from just starting 7th grade to entering senior year in high school. Boy, there were a lot of cute girls - I suppose the girls were saying the same about the boys. In our county there were three or four congregations of American Baptist Churches, and we did a lot of things together and so, came into contact fairly often.

Bobby was one of my best friends at the time. He was a year older than me and was going to be a Sophomore that year. We both enjoyed church and planned to join the choir together, though his family moved to a nearby town and he changed churches, but that isn't germane to this story. 

He had been going with Geri Pashley, a girl from our church who was entering 8th grade, but they had broken up by the time of the camp. For Bobby, as the narrative will show, I don't think he was ready to completely sever the relationship, though he had been going with another girl in our church whose last name was Franks (I have lost the first name in some synapse in my brain somewhere).

The big event, as far as we were concerned, was the moonlight walk on Saturday night and we were all excited to see if we could find someone of the opposite sex to walk with! During dinner, both Bobby and I received notes from a couple of girls from a neighboring church stating their willingness to walk with us. The girl who sent my note was unknown to me, but Bobby knew the girl who sent his. 

As the time, approached, Bobby kept complaining in a bragging sort of way, that he had three choices and didn't know what to do. He felt Geri wanted to walk with him, also the Franks girl and this girl from the neighboring church. He went on and on about what a problem it was. Bobby was a cute guy and I know girls were attracted to him, but really!

My memory is fuzzy about the third boy in this story (yes, there is another), I seem to recall that it was Jack Lohmeyer who would have been a junior or senior, but he went to the Methodist Church (though in our town we often went on each other's retreats and activities). Regardless of who it was, this guy and I suffered though Bobby's problem in silence.

As the moonlight walk started, I looked around to see if the girl of the note was approaching, hoping she would identify herself. Suddenly, Geri Pashley was by my side and the matter was decided - as time would have it, decided for a looooong time! It was our first "date" and of course they continue today. 

After the event, back in the dorm, we began to compare notes as boys are wont to do. I said that Geri and I had spent the time walking, talking, and holding hands. Jack reported that he and the Franks girl had done the same. Bobby told us that he had been stood up by the third girl as well and had walked in the moonlight alone!

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