My First Haircut

My First Haircut

When I was about 3 years old, I was taken to Baldini’s Barbershop in Penns Grove, NJ, at the request of my Great Grandfather (PopPop). Over the years, I have had my hair cut either there or at the barbershop in Pedricktown where Mr Cunard and later Johnny Lohmeyer cut hair. I think the reason for this seemingly disloyal behavior actually was loyalty to old friends.

PopPop was a long time businessman in Penns Grove and his son my Grandfather (Powie) had taken the business and though he had moved to Woodbury Heights, still had roots and contacts in Penns Grove. So, the Baldini’s were friends on my mother’s side. My father was born and raised in Pedricktown and had a Milk business there. Both the Cunard and Lohmeyer families were customers and had known my father for a long time.

So it was that I did get my hair cut at different places. For the first cut, PopPop actually set it up. At the time, I was special in his eyes, maybe because I was the second oldest Great Grandchild and lived much closer than the oldest so he saw me a lot more.

If you know me now (2013), you will know that I have not needed a haircut for about 15 years and haven’t been to a barber in about 25, so this story is special because it proves I did have hair at one time.

Anyway, Tony got the honors for my first cut and there was much fanfare (I dimly remember that PopPop was also in attendance) about the occasion to put me at ease. Tony put the apron around my neck and moved to the front of the chair to begin. Whereupon, I promptly kicked him in the tenderest of man’s parts and began to cry. The haircut was finished once I calmed down, but for Tony this was memorable.

After that, even into my late teens, when I came into the shop, Tony and Joe would vie for who didn’t have to cut my hair and ask each other if the other had remembered to wear his cup. Actually, the joke never really got old, since they really liked to see me and vice-versa. In fact, my haircut for my wedding was on the house and sadly, since I moved to Quinton, my last in the shop.

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