Mom and the Vacuum Cleaner

Mom and the Vacuum Cleaner

First off, I need to say that mom didn't use the vacuum cleaner much if at all for the 10 years she lived with Geri and I. I don't think she used it much in the 10-15 years before that either, since in Florida, she had help come in. In fact, in the last place mom and dad lived in Florida, housekeeping was part of the service. Her excuse was that her doctor had told her that she was not to push a broom or a vacuum any more. There are not many orders that her doctor gave that were more religiously followed than that one. 

Anyway, she and the vacuum did have a relationship, so I have entitled this tale correctly as you will discover. Our house in Krugerville has a two car garage which faces to the side. It was a $500 option not to face the street, which I gladly paid since that was what Geri wanted! This means that one must carefully do a right hand turn in for the car on the left hand side and generally back in the car on the right. Of course, I use the side on the right since it is more difficult.

When my parents had moved to Texas, they brought a 1997 Buick LeSabre that dad had gotten brand new. They didn't want to be burdened with insurance, etc., so they gave it to us.  This meant we had two cars for three people. While we lived in Highland Village, mom didn't drive it much, since the area was unfamiliar and crowded, but after dad died and we got into the new house in Krugerville, she began to drive more. The area, at the time, was easy to get around in and very sparsely populated. And, when she needed to go somewhere a bit more complicated, Geri acted as chauffeur. 

The LeSabre had a front bumper with two vertical mini-bumpers on each side. One night, when I returned from work, I backed my car into my side of the garage. I got out and walked to the side door which was located on the left side near the front of the Buick. 

There was a upright vacuum cleaner standing about 3 feet from the door up against the back wall of the garage and a couple of feet to the right of it, the  small bookcase had been moved in place. Huh? I said (never at a loss for just the right expression). What's this? As I moved the vacuum, I could see it was covering a foot long vertical dent in the wall board about two feet up and the book case was covering another. (Please note the two black bumper extenders on the picture of the car above.)

After I recovered from laughter, I thought "This is something a three year old would do to cover a crime, but they can't drive!"    

I installed a tennis ball from the ceiling the next day to indicate where to stop the car!

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