I’ll Split it With You

Geri has always had a sweet tooth, of course, I have too, but Geri REALLY has a sweet tooth!  She is especially enamored of cakes, donuts and cupcakes that have yummy looking icing, but those with fillings are among the beloved. 

Those of us who grew up in the Philadelphia area know that there is a company bakery whose products are among the absolute best in the world. This is the TastyKake company. Up until recent times, these small packaged cakes and pies were not available more than 100 miles from Philadelphia. Even now as I write this in 2015, outside of the Philadelphia area, they are only seen in the southeast and lower southwest.  The reason is that there are no preservatives used in the cakes and pies and the company will not stand for stale products being sold. Here in the Dallas area, they are sold in stores nearby, but the selection is limited. 

The company had a fleet of delivery trucks whose drivers were responsible for an area and who determined based on historical data just what to put in each store. I found this out at Drabold's store one day, when I saw Mr. Drabold hiding the few packages he still had and asked why. He told me that the route man would be there soon and he wanted to receive a full order and if there were leftovers the driver would take them as "stales" and not leave as many. All of this was done by the company to assure that a customer never got a package of stale cakes. 

During the 1980's, we lived in Raleigh, NC and only got TastyKakes when we went up to New Jersey or had visitors from there (who knew that the price of admittance was several boxes of TastyKakes). My favorite was Butterscotch Krimpets and Geri liked Peanut Butter Kandy Kakes. Actually, these are still our favorites and are still available. 

On one of our first visits to New Jersey after moving to NC, probably at Thanksgiving time in 1981, we were going to stay with my brother Steve and his first wife Barbara who had bought a home in National Park, NJ. Upon our arrival, we found the whole family there to greet us and we had party. 

They had brought us a large quantity of boxes of TastyKakes for us to take home but of course we wanted to have some now. Geri was trying to lose some weight and so as each person would say that they couldn't eat a whole package, she would tell them, "I'll split it with you!"  After bit, she had split with almost everyone in the house. 

The joke, today, whenever something is a bit too big to eat is "Get Geri, she'll split it with you". 

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