Geri Has a Girl

Geri has a Girl

During the first 10 years of our marriage, we seemed to be unable to have children. This wasn’t obvious the first couple of years since we weren’t trying to have children then. Neither of us had great paying jobs and we had wanted to wait a year or so to become better established.

Once we began in earnest to have a baby, we were having no success and sought medical help. Both of us scheduled appointments to determine if there was a physical problem. I went to see a Fraternity brother (he had graduated from the same school about 20 years previous to me) who was a local urologist. Geri went to her ob-gyn doctor. In both cases, there wasn't any obvious reason, but perhaps the problem was a short cycle or window of opportunity.

Anyway, Geri was given Clomid (the drug that can cause multiple births like the OctoMom) and we tried the temperature taking, etc. Nothing seemed to be working. In the meantime, I had gone to work for IBM and they had a program of adoption assistance and we had applied to an agency for possible adoption.


We also purchased a new house a bit closer to my job and close to a local hospital for Geri to get work. On top of that, we had needed a new vehicle since Geri's car was on its last legs and mine was a Chevy Vega (no need to explain how reliable it was!), so we also had a new car.

Let's see, new house payments, new car payments, bingo that seemed to do the trick. Within three months, Geri was pregnant and we were ecstatic. For the next 7-8 months we prepared for the new arrival.

In those ancient days of the 1970's, sonograms were in their infancy and basically you could hear the heart beat and see a fuzzy moving squiggle of lines on a scope-like monitor. There was no way to determine the sex of the baby and most people really did want to be surprised.

However, we didn't need a sonogram, Geri was convinced and told everyone, that this child was absolutely a boy. I'm not sure where she got her information, but she was positive. In fact, she wanted to name him, Daniel John and I finally convinced her to have a girl's name picked out as well. She liked Danielle Shawn (sorry, Danielle, about the middle name) since it was similar to the name she had chosen. I liked the name period!

March 14th starts about 4:00 AM with Geri having some contractions and we awakened the doctor who told us that they weren't that close together and call when they were. At about 6, the water broke, and I called again and he told me to meet him at the hospital in an hour or so. So, much to Geri's chagrin, I took a shower and prepared for the day.

Geri spent most of the day in labor, but about 3:30 PM the contractions were close enough together and the dilation showed that it wouldn't be long and we went into the delivery room. There were two female nurses, the doctor, the male anesthetist, Geri and I in the delivery room.

Around 4:15 or so, the delivery began, as the doctor pulled the baby's head free, he asked if we thought it was the head of a little girl or boy. The vote was split evenly! Then the shoulders and upper torso, again the vote was split. Finally, he announced, "Well, it has a little girl's bottom!" at which time, Geri sat halfway up and stated; "It can't have!". We all had a good laugh.

Danielle was spoiled for the next three years until she was joined by her brother so we could spoil two of them, proving that we both really wanted whatever sex baby we got. 

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