Dangerous at 1000 Yards

Dangerous at a 1000 yards.

For the first two or three years of marriage, Geri and I had not thought as yet about children. We wanted these years to be a time of adjustment and getting settled. About 1968 or so, we began to try to start a larger family. Time passed and though we weren't using any birth control, no pregnancies occurred.

Of course, this led to the inevitable round of testing. First, we tried the temperature method trying to gauge when Geri was the most fertile. Then, we needed to assure that there was no physical problem.

Dr. Neador was a local Urologist who also was a fraternity brother of mine (he had graduated from Rutgers 20 some years before I did, but we had both joined Alpha Chi Rho (AXP)). Geri and I were also friendly with one of his daughters so he was an obvious choice for me. Of course, after my initial exam and office visit, I was instructed to return with a recent sperm sample or use his office to produce one. 

trust me im a urologist thermos can cooler

At the next visit, with my sample in hand {pardon the pun - I couldn't help myself}, I entered his examination room. He took the sample and then put it under the microscope. He then announce to me; "Good Lord, you're dangerous at 1000 yards". To which I replied, "You've solved it! I've been getting too close!"

We were laughing so hard the nurse looked in and wanted told us we were enjoying ourselves way too much. He let me look at the sample and true to his word, they were wriggling all over the place.

The good part of the story is that eventually we were able to have two fine healthy children in our mid-thirties, but that's another story.   

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