Dad and Geri’s Chili

Dad and Geri's Chili

In May of 2001, mom and dad moved from Florida to Texas to live with Geri and I. Our two children no longer lived at home and the only other person staying with us was Dick VanMeter, a work colleague who lived a long way from work and since he worked 3 twelve hour shifts needed a place for 2-3 nights a week. Our house was 5 bedrooms with three baths and would be a good place to house my parents while we were having a house built that was a bit more friendly to dad's need to use a walker or wheelchair.

Dad never got to move into the new house in Krugerville, though mom got to enjoy her own space for over 10 years there. While dad was living with us, he was very comfortable in the environment, though he spent a lot of time in the house. 

We did take an excursion to Lewisville Lake and sat on the lakeside one day and the visiting nurse took him on several rides as we did as well. In fact, she actually took him to the site of our new home, though I'm not sure he knew what he was visiting.

Memorial Day in 2001 was spent on the back deck with both Danielle and David in attendance and we had a mini picnic. 

Though he needed help and used a walker to get from his room (unfortunately there were three steps up to the main house level from his room and then three steps down to the dining area at the other end of the house), he didn't miss any meals! This reminds me of another bittersweet bit of humor; one day, he had navigated from his room to the family room with his walker and he was about to sit down on the couch. I got him turned around so that all he had to do was sit and told him just sit back the couch is right under your butt. He protested that he had to turn off the motor on the walker first. Somehow he had gotten it into his head that it was a fancy motorized model!! I told him I'd take care of it and he was satisfied and sat down.

But, I have digressed a great deal from the title of this piece. What about the Chili? Geri is a really good cook even when she isn't trying and when she tries, she is outstanding. My parents both enjoyed her cooking and praised her on it (especially Mom) even though they had lived in an assisted living place that had had really good food. Yes, I know, Chili!

One day, Geri asked if he would like some chili for dinner and he did, so she cooked some up. She used canned chili that night and doctored it up, something she normally is pretty good at doing. However, her efforts this time were a bit off the mark.

After eating several spoonfuls of chili, dad, not known for refusing to speak his mind, announced to the table; "This is the worst chili I have ever eaten!" We all started to laugh and agree with him!!

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