Mommie and the Silo

Mommy and the Silo. 

Once when I was about three, I decided at the view from the top of my grandfather's silos was something I wanted to see. We lived on my grandfather's farm, in fact next door and my father processed milk from the cows his father and brother's farms and delivered it. The dairy, Nipe's Dairy, had local routes and had been started by my grandfather in the 1920's. 

I digress, but the cows were the reason for the silo in the first place! In it was stored the chopped corn stalks, etc. that provided feed for the milk cows in the winter when they had no grass in the pasture. 

Anyway, I was about three and my little sister, Helen, who often got me in trouble, was about a year and a half . The silo sat on a concrete base and had two ladders, one on the inside of a protected shell or tube of removable doors, so that as in was emptied the ladder could come down to the current level of feed. The other ladder was on the outside and it went up to and onto the curved roof. The rungs of this ladder were fairly far apart, since it was designed for adults to do maintenance. 

I could just about reach each rung to climb, but Helen was too small and since she insisted on going with me, I had to climb a rung, the reach down and pull her up. And so, it went until we were near the top of the vertical climb. That's where Mrs. LaPalomento enters the story. 

She, the aforementioned Mrs. L.,  lived next door to us and was standing at her kitchen sink and looked out toward our house and could see us. So, she went to the phone and called our house and told my mother, "Sis, (everyone called my mother Sis), don't panic, but Johnny and Helen are climbing the side of the silo". 

Of course, my mother did panic, but in a collected way. She ran over to the silo and called up to me (as if, I was the ring leader), "Johnny, I need to you start to climb down".  Remember the base in a concrete pad and we are up about 100 feet, so it was more dangerous than we realized. Anyway, sensing that my mother was not 100% calm and collected, I responded, "No, Mommy, you'll give us a spanking" - I was always perceptive about these things. Her reply was, "no, I have some ice cream for you". 

I have always loved ice cream, but was dubious and repeated that she would spank us to which she was emphatic that she only wanted us to enjoy some ice cream.  So, we made the trek down with Mom orchestrating ever step, I have no idea how long it took, but probably for Mom it was at least a century.  

Finally, she had us on solid ground and proceeded to spank me. I was appalled, and complained, "but you said you wouldn't spank us"! To which, she simply replied, "I lied"!!

Technically, she didn't lie, since Helen didn't get a spanking, even though she insisted on us doing it together.  I don't think Mom ever had to spank me again, and probably never lied to me so blatantly, but the story did have a happy ending. 

By the way, the view from the top was incredible!

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