Dick, Raymond and the cow fence

Dick, Raymond, and the Cow Fence

When I was young, in fact, the first 10-12 years of my life we lived on Perkintown Road near Pedricktown, NJ. So did most of the Nipes in our family! Anyway, my Uncle Herb had a farm of about 250 Acres the fartherest east of our family, next door to his farm was my Grandfather's house and Uncle Albert lived with them and worked the farm of about 300 Acres. On this farm, the dairy was located which was run and owned by my father and our house was the next one to the west. So in three houses, all on same side of the road, my grandparents and all three of their sons and wives lived. Also, there were eight grandchildren (Uncle Herb and Aunt June had 3 boys and a girl and so did my parents ). As an aside, two of my grandfather's brothers (he had four brothers in all) had farms on the same road a bit farther west. 

The Nipe farms were dairy and truck, my two uncles had about 35-40 head of milk cows each. My father purchased milk from them, pasteurized it, bottled it, and delivered door to door. The trunk part of the farms had asparagus, tomatoes, corn, etc. But, most of the farms had pasture for the cattle. 

Cow female black white

Cows believe wholeheartedly that the grass on the other side of the fence is greener and better tasting, so, adequate fencing is essential to keep them in the pasture. Fencing can be expensive and barbed wire can injure cows. Because of their belief in the nature of grass on the other side of the fence, barbed wire was phased out, first by my Uncle Herb and later by Uncle Albert. In its place, electric wire fencing was used. This is really effective, since the cows don't like the shock, it requires only a couple of strands and a minimal amount of current, which can be turned off on pastures not in use.

Anyway, cousin Dick lived in Chicago (his mother was Albert, Herb, and my father's sister), due to his father's job. He visited the farm and stayed with Grammie and PopPop many summers when he was young.   

One day, and it was a rare one since Raymond was hanging out with Dick and I (usually Uncle Herb had something for him to do - come to think of it, he often pressed me into service as well, but that’s a different story); we were walking along side one of Uncle Herb’s pastures. Suddenly, Raymond winked at me and grabbed my hand, so I grabbed Dick’s hand just as Raymond grabbed the top wire of the electric fence. Of course, being on the end of the circuit as it went to ground, Dick received a shock while Raymond and I enjoyed a mild tingling.

The last laugh was on Raymond, since I dropped his hand before he could remove the other hand from the fence and he also got the treatment.

Ah, days of fun on the farm!!

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