My First Paying Job

My First Paying Job

My father owned and ran a dairy his father had started. Originally, WA Nipe Dairy, my father changed the name to Nipe’s Dairy. I know not very original, but succinctly descriptive. 

The raw product ( of course, milk) came from my Uncle Herb and my grandfather's farms. Dad would pasteurize and homogenize it. He would also produce cream, butter, and cottage cheese. My grandmother's chickens provided eggs as well. 

He had two routes with about 125 customers on each. Since he couldn't prepare milk and deliver it too, he had one employee who drove the routes. 

One day when I was in the fourth grade, dad told me at dinner that he had decided to give me an allowance of fifty cents per week. I was elated, I know today this doesn't sound like much, but it could buy 10 sodas or 5-6 bags of penny candy. Naturally, I jumped on the chance. Dad, then said that there was a condition, I was to come over to the milk house immediately after changing from my school clothes. My job would be to disconnect the piping from the milk-holding tank to the pasteurizer, the piping from the pasteurizer to the homogenizer and the piping from the homogenizer to the bottler. I was also to take the cream separator apart as well. Then I was to take all these to the wash tanks and clean them thoroughly. 

The tanks were a homemade affair that Homer Justice had welded for my dad. They consisted of 55 gallon cans cut in half and welded together. There were two of them, one with a steam pipe welded at the bottom for hot water and the other without for rinsing. 

After washing, I then had to put it all back together for the next day's bottling. If dad hadn't finishing using the bottle washer, I was to help him complete that task as well.

I thought it over for a bit and replied to my dad, "Dad, if it's all the same to you, I don't think I want an allowance." He was quick to reply, "Well. ok, but I think you should take the money, because you're going to do the job anyway!"

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