Willie B. turns Green

Willie B turns Green

As a young teacher with a large class for my first year, I had to rely on common sense and gut instinct for many issues. I truly liked the students and they liked me, but that doesn't always translate into good discipline or control. Early in that first year, I was having trouble with a small group of boys, who were basically good kids, but would push the limits when they could. 

Willie B and the Brooks Brothers, Michael and Ronald, were especially talkative and spent too much time in class fooling around as only 12-13 year old boys can. I knew that I had to do something to wrest control from the class, and even more importantly, salvage the educational possibilities for these boys. 

Our school was a sending district to the only high school in the area, in fact it was one of four districts that sent students to the school. Since the high school and the far eastern part of our township were about 25-30 miles apart, the buses dropped off the kids on the way to the High School, picked up the high schoolers, and returned to pick up the kids who lived the farthest to the east. This meant that some students didn't get home until nearly an hour after school let out. 

Willie B was one of these students as were the Brooks Brothers, so I decided that I would meet with Willie's mom before he got home. I need to mention at some point, that Willie was a light complexioned African American. This is important to understanding the  title!

Anyway, his mom was a woman about 5 foot tall and shorter than Willie by 4-5 inches and she and I had a great discussion about my concerns for Willie and his education. While we are talking, he comes home and spots me. He started to pale, but when his mother told him "Willie, go to your room, I'll be in as soon as Mr Nipe leaves", Willie actually turned green. I had never seen anyone turn this color before and haven't since, but it was green. He also began to cry and I almost felt sorry for him. 

The next day (and for the rest of the year), Willie was a model student - oh he was still ornery at times, but he knew when to rein it in. Anyway, the next day, Michael Brooks, started to act out in class and I said, "Michael, maybe you need to ask Willie B about misbehaving in class". At this Willie B stated "Don't mess with him, Michael, don't mess with him"! 

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