I Didn't erase Anything!

I Didn't Erase anything!

During my year as a full time substitute (2012-2013) in the Aubrey ISD, I was reintroduced to the vagaries of middle school students. Even though nearly 40 years had passed, the tricks and behaviors were not really new and I quickly knew which students would try which tricks.

One day, one of my students, came into my class during study hall (I didn't have to monitor this period, but used it to tutor students needing extra help). I asked her how I could help and you replied that she had gone online the night before and had a zero as a grade for one of her homework papers and wanted to know why. This girl, now and again missed assignments, so I told her she probably hadn't turned that one it. Her reply was that she was sure she had. Knowing that I occasionally missed a paper (90 homework papers, 4 days a week is a lot of paper work), I told her to look through a particular pile of papers to see if it was there.

Soon, she came back with a puzzled look on her face and a paper in her hand. "Mr. Nipe, this is my handwriting, but not my name on the paper". I looked at the paper and sure enough, it was her handwriting everywhere except the name at the top.

A closer inspection of the boy's name at the top revealed a faint, but still readable name underneath . . .  Yes, you guessed it, it was her name!! I took the paper and corrected the grades in question (she got an 85 in place of the 0, and he got a 0 in place of the 85).

I found out where he was for study hall time (we called it CTT for Chap Team Time) and asked him to join me.

I showed him the paper and asked; "______, is this your name at the top of the paper". He responded; "Yes, it is!". I then asked "and is your name in your handwriting {which I knew it was}". Again, he responded; "Yes, it is!". Then I said; "But underneath your name...". Before I could finish the question, he said; "I didn't erase anything!!" ......BUSTED. 

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